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One of the most respected grape variety in Italy particularly in Piedmont where 3 quarters of  worldwide Nebbiolo plantings can be found. Nebbiolo has an early budding but very late ripening and best suitable to be planted on calcareous marls like in the north and south of Alba. Its characteristics are mainly highly acidic and tannic with light colour that turns orange when aged and exhibits aromas of liquorice, dried cherries, violets and roses.

This variety is very old that its first mention was dated back in 1266 while its name is said to be from the word 'nebbia' an Italian term for fog, referring to the thick natural bloom covering the berries like a fog. 

DNA studies have tracked down the origin of Nebbiolo but since the grape is very old, its parents are likely to be extinct and DNA parentage analysis shows that there are at least 8 parent-offspring relationships between Nebbiolo and local varieties from Piedmont and Valtellina.

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