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A BEAUTIFUL SHOT - Roberto Cavalli Vodka to infuse discerning palates at Amber Lounge Singapore

2017 marks the 10th anniversary of the Singapore Grand Prix, and for Amber Lounge, an incredible 15 years as the ultimate VIP lifestyle experience at Formula 1’s most exhilarating Grand Prix destinations. Amber Lounge Singapore (16 & 17 September) promises to be THE place to celebrate the F1 weekend, and its unique spirit will be overflowing thanks to Roberto Cavalli Vodka.

Laurent Ponsot: What's Now & What's Next

Written by: Emerson Baun | Date of Published: 7th April 2017

The entire vino world was shocked when the news of Laurent Ponsot leaving his family Domaine, where he served for the past 36 years, circulated early last month. A single interview he had done was picked up by different wine-related online news platforms, and yet nothing has been heard from him since.

Just last week, Laurent Ponsot held his very first press conference to talk about 'What's Now and What's Next' of him in a place he considers his second home — Singapore.

Enologica 2016: Getting into Fizz!

Written by: Emerson Baun | Date of Published: 12th January 2017

I was welcomed by a cold winter breeze that moment I set my foot in Bologna. The humble city embraces their visitors with impressive lined heritage buildings, lengthy porticoes and roads flocked with locals on their usual routines. Despite the region's gastronomical fame, Neither a sign of it nor an advertisement of wines can be seen aside from a conversation from a fellow delegate telling me that it's the best place for food & wine to which I just smiled in return and told myself silently "I'll see."

Prieure-Lichine: Then & Now

Written by: Emerson Baun | Date of Published: 6th December 2016

Chateau Prieure Lichine is indeed embracing the new era of winemaking, but how far can they apply this contemporary style? to when and where has to apply the traditional way and modern techniques? Of course, everything can be discussed over a bottle of wine, and here's how my short but productive conversation with Etienne Charrier goes.

Fighting for the Quality

Mr. Charles Thomas, International Commercial Director of Domaine Reybier talks about Tokaj-Hetszolo and how the Hungarian Sweets enters the Asian Palates.