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Learn About Grape Varietals

The aromas and flavours of a wine come in many different forms, and very rarely does a wine smell or taste of grapes. Nevertheless, the grape variety employed is probably the single most important determinant of the taste and aroma characteristics of the final wine. Since the widespread use of varietal labelling (placing the name of the grape on the label), many wine grapes have achieved a degree of fame previously unimaginable.

Noble grapes are a term used to describe the international variety of grapes that are most recognizable for the top quality wine they produce. These varieties have principle growing regions, where they are notable for the expression of the local "terrior", but can be grown in other areas with success. Knowledge of the characteristics of each noble grape variety helps the taster establish a personal relationship with the individual grape and wine. Knowing how it behaves in the vineyard, helps to determine the potential of a vintage (as long as you watch the weather conditions during the growing season).