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Dolcetto which literally means 'little sweet one' is a native of  Dogliani near Cuneo and widely cultivated in Piemonte, north-west of Italy. It's the third wine-grape in Piedmont following Nebbiolo and Barbera and an authorised blending partner of the latter in various Piedmont DOCs. The region has also different appellations that plant the varietal including Acqui, Asti, Diano d'Alba, Langhe, Monferrato, and Dogliani while the greatest volumes come from Ovada and Alba and the finest quality is generally said to come from Alba. 

Dolcetto wines are deep coloured, soft-styled and fruity. They have low acidity with high tannins. Well-made wines can last up to 5 years or more but generally Dolcetto wines are best to consume in one to two years after the released.

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