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Laurent Ponsot's Wine and vine lovers - Edition n°3

Date of Published: 27 March 2020

More than ever, through this third edition of newsletter, we wanted to reaffirm our love for the wine-growing environment, to share with you the passion that transports us, intoxicates us and inspires us with unstoppable enthusiasm. Especially in this very difficult time for the whole planet Earth, our thoughts are with you and we hope that you take care of yourself and your beloved ones.

In the heart of our pretty Burgundy, it is with extreme vigilance that we go on taking care of our vines... under the sun offers to us by this mild spring season.

- Laurent Ponsot

On the vines that are still very bare, everything is preparing to be reborn. The buds filled with promises are gradually opening up, and soon will give way to the small leaves whose green inspired our logo. Amazed by the beauty of nature awakening and eager to see it more beautiful still, our hands are busy today to magnify the treasures it offers us.


En avril, ne te découvre pas d’un fil : that’s an old French saying that advise us not to discover ourselves at all in April. In these spring beginnings, we will certainly not tell you the opposite ! Soon, will come the period to dress our vines with precious threads that will protect their deployment and bear their leaves and fruits when the time comes.


We call it “palissage”. This method consists of installing structures which "carry" the vine and allow it to extend branches correctly. Trellising therefore requires meticulousness and precision, but this is what will allow our grapes to breathe and soak up all the sun it needs.


And if our hands are applied in the vines, they are also active in bottling ! Despite the situation, we must not leave the barrels confined to the risk of their contents becoming vinegar ! So, the empty bottles are now filled with nectars from 2018, according to a familiar and yet always admirable ballet.


These preparations are essential to hold the promise of better days ; quieter days that will allow you, once again, to rejoice to savor an excellent bottle of wine, with family and friends.