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2018 Burgundy Report

Date of Published: 18th February 2020

Very positive reviews, An excellent vintage that could compete with some of top vintage years like 1947. Good quantities and good phenolics. A vintage where winemakers have ample of everything to work with than none. The work in the vineyard is done, and Mother Nature has blessed the Burgundians all the way till picking. The challenge now is the elevage. The skills and experience of each winemaker to further raise the wines to challenge themselves to produce their personal best.

Laurent Ponsot: The Future of Burgundy

Date of Published: 17th February 2020

For personal reasons, after 36 years at Domaine Ponsot, I left it in February 2017. If I remained hidden and silent, during quite some time, I did not remain inactive in the shadow of my restructuring.
On the contrary, I have been working since then on this renaissance, the content of which I will now describe.

First of all, the passion that animates me about vines and wine is intact and these years of experiences taught me that one learns every day. On this basis, I decided to start a new wine adventure with my son Clément (40), whose attachment to this profession is as ingrained as mine. My two other children, Claire and Nicolas will also be shareholders of the new company

Olivier Bernstein - 2017 Vintage

Date of Published: 7th February 2020

In January, the weather was cold yet dry, the sun’s rays gave us courage during the 2017 pruning season. Despite a vigorous winter and a rainfall deficit, the vineyards were able to restore their reserves for the upcoming growth phase. The early warm spring-like temperatures initiated a no-ticeable advance in the vineyards. Our plot of Champeaux began to flower towards the end of the month of May: the 2017 vintage promised to be early. The emerging grapes were numerous. This year, Richard and our team did several green harvest in order to reduce the number of clusters and to concentrate the quality.

Domaine de l'Arlot - 2017 Harvest Report

Date of Published: 1st February 2020

Early winter marked the start of pruning as our vines recovered from the frost. This was a highly specialised operation for the winegrowers at Domaine de l’Arlot, who carefully selected the branches which would bear the next clusters.
The exceptionally dry 2016-2017 winter was marked by low rainfall, an excess of sunshine, and seasonal temperatures in December becoming more wintery in January, with two very cold periods. February was mild and spring-like with a little rain.

In March we attached the canes in spring weather, with record temperatures leading to bud break in early April.
Like 2011 and 2014, 2017 started early.

Chateau Margaux's New Phase: An Interview with Thibault Pontallier

Written by: Emerson Baun | Date of Published: 6th February 2018

Thibault Pontallier's career in Chateau Margaux started in 2010 when the Chateau offered him the job to become the brand ambassador in Asia at the age of 24. Growing up in the Chateau alongside with his father, the late Paul Pontallier, his dream as a child in representing the place where he grew up finally became a reality. Few years had passed, the chateau now celebrates the bicentenary of Chateau Margaux's exceptional architecture and produced one of their greatest vintages, 2015. Thibault, which now settles on his current role as the Global Brand Ambassador, continues the legacy of his father that served as his winemaking mentor and shares the same philosophy that the best way to bring people together is a great bottle of wine. He even quoted what his father used to say: "The good wine brings you pleasure and the great wine sometimes like the great people, gives you emotion."