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Offer: Jonata Winery

Among California's emerging wineries is Jonata Winery. As a producer of Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc, and Syrah, Jonata is dedicated to offering a range of reds and a handful of whites from its estate in the Santa Ynez Valley's Ballard Canyon appellation. Matt Dees, the estate's winemaker, chose to plant a diverse range of grape varieties side-by-side in 2004, a bold step at the time that sparked some controversy in the wine industry. This carefully managed 84-acre vineyard not only showed its worth, but was also able to produce extraordinary wines well regarded among critics

"Herbicides and pesticides don’t even enter the conversation."
Sustainability is at the core of daily life at Jonata. Livestock (chickens, turkeys, goats, pigs and sheep) is integrated into their farming model, which naturally improves the soil. Thanks to the unique sand particles, water can be used with precision and efficiency. Rectangular in shape, the sand provides greater drainage and better aeration than other sand-based vineyards. These qualities offer an experienced vineyard manager the opportunity for near-perfect control and yet, there is a beauty to getting to know a piece of land over many years or for generations. Jonata winery strives to do just that. 


Offer: Jonata Winery


"The Defiance'' Cabernet Sauvignon, El Desafio de Jonata is a powerful wine, but with more polite manners. Red fruit mingles with black fruit in this classic, while sweet and substantial tannins give this wine its strong and refined character. 

"The Soul" Cabernet Franc, El Alma de Jonata is a nose of strawberries and ethereal floral notes, such as lavender and violets. A lush, broad mouthfeel brings out the earthy, dusty character and the finish is rounded off with mouth-coating tannins and lively acidity. 
"The Blood" Syrah, La Sangre de Jonata is an intense red, polished with silky fruit and rich colour. This brooding wine shows off the power of its aromatic profile through notes of black pepper and baking spice. The subtle tannins, while sweet and persistent, give the wine an added dimension. 
"Phoenix" Bordeaux-Styled Red Blend, fresh tobacco and crushed raspberry fills the nose of Fenix. Dominated by elegant Merlot, the wine delights with its taut and structured tannins and sweet and chewy notes of black plums and cedar. 
A selection of Jonata Winery wines are available for delivery now. Place your orders today by dropping us an email at customerservice@wine-clique.com.
Offer: Jonata Winery
El Alma de Jonata (2005) - $203 nett per bottle | WA 95
El Desafio de Jonata (2005) - $198 nett per bottle (Last Bottle) | WA 94+
El Desafio de Jonata (2014) - $193 nett per bottle | JD 94
Jonata Fenix (2014) - $116 nett per bottle | WA 93+
La Sangre de Jonata (2005) - $219 nett per bottle | WA 94
La Sangre de Jonata (2006) - $219 nett per bottle | WA 93-95
La Sangre de Jonata (2014) - $219 nett per bottle | JD 99

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