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Spot Offer: Masseto’s Magical Merlots

Masseto was founded in 1981 by Lodovico Antinori (also the creator of Bordeaux-style Super Tuscan wine, Ornellaia), back when Merlot was still not very widely planted in the Bolgheri region, where the winery is located today. 

The name Masseto comes from the terroir the grapes are planted on, the Masseto hill, which has clay that is as hard as rocks, and Masso also means rock or boulder in Italian. Since the first vintage release in 1986, the estate’s reputation has climbed through the ranks and achieved a perfect 100-points on its 2001 vintage, solidifying it’s cult status. Masseto has also been awarded James Suckling's Wine of the Decade in 2020. 

Since the beginning, Masseto has always been vinified and aged at Ornellaia’s estate, but has officially moved to its own winery since 2019. The 2018 vintage is the first to be made in Masseto’s own winery. Massetino, the estate’s second wine made its debut with the 2017 vintage. It shares the same pedigree as Masseto and is also similarly made in extremely limited quantities. 

Today’s offer features select vintages of Masseto and Massetino. Limited quantities in stock and available for delivery now. Place your orders today by dropping us an email at customerservice@wine-clique.com.

Masseto & Massetino 
Masseto (2016)  - S$1,124 NETT (5 Btls) | RP 100
Masseto (2017)  - S$1,068 NETT (Last 3 Btls) | RP 97
Massetino (2018)  - S$455 NETT (15 Btls) | RP 95


Masseto (2016) | RP 100
"Masseto has pulled off back-to-back home runs. This is the first time that an Italian wine has earned 100 points in successive vintages. The 2016 Masseto is a thunderstorm of emotions, but it manages to keep them under perfect control. Like the 2015 Masseto before it, this vintage is a seamless wine of the highest pedigree. It represents an encore performance, continuing the string of successes that is bringing Italy to the forefront of the wine world. The first thing you'll notice is the thickness and concentration of the fruit that makes an immediate impact on all the senses, in terms of appearance, aroma and mouthfeel. There is no overstating the sheer power and richness of this iconic vintage of Italy's groundbreaking Merlot. Despite that considerable mass, this Masseto remains delicate and graceful. You gain better perspective as the wine opens in the glass and reveals deeper layers that were not immediately apparent on first nose: dark fruit, spice, sweet tobacco and black cherry. There is great tightness and laser focus to the fruit. I tasted the 2016 and 2015 vintages together for comparison when I scored this wine, and then I tasted this 2016 edition alone about a month later to confirm my impressions. These vintages are identical twins, two perfect wines." – Monica Larner, The Wine Advocate 

Masseto (2017) | RP 97
"The Masseto 2017 Masseto puts on another exhilarating, knock-out performance for the third year in a row... Like most vintages of Masseto tasted this early in the game, the oak is omnipresent, and it grounds the wine in terms of texture and structure. It is powerful, but that's always the case with Masseto (this vintage records a 15.5% alcohol content). I tasted this wine next to the decidedly more playful Massetino, and the Masseto moves over the palate with substantial fruit weight and concentration gained over the course of this hot and dry growing season (which produced smaller, richer and more compact berries). Perhaps, what this vintage lacks is that profound varietal character that we saw in recent vintages like 2016 and 2015. If concerned that the hot vintage would draw out too many ripe fruit tones, the oak serves to soften some of the more volatile components of the fruit. Those distinctive notes of macchia mediterranea (wild bush) that I always associate with Masseto are less present in this vintage. You feel the oak tannins on the finish with toast and vanilla that will certainly shed as the wine ages. In fact, I went back to taste the wine 12 hours later, and they had already softened considerably. This 2017 vintage will be released in October 2020." – Monica Larner, The Wine Advocate 

Massetino (2018) | RP 95
"Here's our new little super star from the Tuscan Coast. The 2018 Massetino is Merlot with a dash of Cabernet Franc that makes all the difference in terms of the wine's aromatic precision and its overall staying power. Dark fruit and dried blackberry are followed by exotic spice and campfire ash. The aromas are fluid and relaxed, flowing seamlessly in unison and grace. If you love Masseto, you can't miss the Massetino. This wine offers a whole new take on the world-famous Merlot, and if we are to be honest, it paints a path to where future vintages of Masseto are going as an expression of a vineyard and territory rather than just a strict read of one grape." – Monica Larner, The Wine Advocate 

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