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Spot Offer: The 3 LĂ©ovilles

We all know of the famous Three Léovilles, but before they became the Châteaux they are today, they used to be just one estate – Domaine de Léoville. It was in 1840 that Hugh Barton purchased a quarter of the land and named the estate Château Léoville Barton, and the rest of the vineyards were divided between Pierre-Jean Las Cases, founder of Château Léoville Las Cases and sister, Jeanne Las Cases’ daughter and husband - Jean-Marie Poyferré, who founded Château Léoville Poyferré.

Since the Domaine de Léoville days, the estate was already known for their exceptional wines and received praises far and wide. After the split, some say the defining factor for each of the three estates were solely based on the winemaking processes since the terroir was thought to be very similar. However, in fact all three estates are fairly different geographically. While the plantings for Château Léoville Las Cases are generally located in one large plot, the plantings for Château Léoville Poyferré are split into different parcels, possibly the reason for the complexity in the wine. Lastly, Château Léoville Barton’s plantings are a good mix of both, with main parcels of vines and some small plots. 

In terms of style, each of the three estates have very different approaches to winemaking that largely influence the style of wines. Château Léoville Poyferré is known to have lush fruit notes, yet powerful, possessing the highest percentage of Merlot in its first wine, and is the only Château that uses small amounts of Petit Verdot. As for Château Léoville Las Cases, they were one of the pioneers of green harvesting on the Left Bank, with the L’Enclos almost fully farmed organically. It is said to be similar in profile to Pauillac wines and known for its long ageing potential. Lastly, for Château Léoville Barton, their wines are known to be more powerful and elegant, more of a classic Saint Julien

Today’s offer features various wines and vintages from Château Léoville Barton, Château Léoville Las Cases and Château Léoville Poyferré. Limited quantities in stock and available for delivery now. Place your orders today by dropping us an email at customerservice@wine-clique.com.

Château Léoville-Barton, Château Léoville-Las Cases & Château Léoville-Poyferré
Léoville Barton (1996) | 3L  - S$1,022 NETT (Last Double Magnum) | RP 93
Léoville Barton (2007)  - S$165 NETT (4 Btls) | RP 92
Léoville Barton (2008)  - S$190 NETT (7 Btls) | RP 92
Léoville Barton (2009)  - S$251 NETT (6 Btls) | RP 94
Léoville Barton (2015)  - S$177 NETT (21 Btls) | RP 95
Léoville Barton (2017)  - S$148 NETT (29 Btls) | RP 95
Léoville Barton (2018)  - S$182 NETT (6 Btls) | RP 94 - 96
Léoville Las Cases (1994)  - S$299 NETT (12 Btls) | RP 93
Léoville Las Cases (1999)  - S$337 NETT (12 Btls) | RP 91
Léoville Las Cases (2001)  - S$337 NETT (12 Btls) | RP 94
Léoville Las Cases (2007) | 1.5L - S$605 NETT (6 Magnums) | RP 92
Léoville Poyferré (1999) | 1.5L - S$427 NETT (6 Magnums) | RP 89
Léoville Poyferré (2003) - S$288 NETT (6 Btls) | RP 96
Léoville Poyferré (2008) - S$180 NETT (6 Btls) | RP 94
Léoville Poyferré (2010) | 1.5L - S$498 NETT (6 Magnums) | RP 94
Léoville Poyferré (2012) - S$158 NETT (6 Btls) | RP 92+


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