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Huia | Organic, Sustainable & Vegan-friendly (More than 35% Off!)

In this ever-changing world, sustainability is increasingly becoming a huge concern, especially for wineries whose businesses largely depend on the care of the vines and the terroir of the vineyard. Huia Vineyards is a New Zealand certified organic winery that places a huge emphasis on organic and biodynamic viticulture and protecting the environment of the vineyards.

Today, we’re featuring Huia’s 2016 vintage of Chardonnay, rated 94-points by The Wine Front. Limited quantities left, check out today!

Re-cap: Bodegas Artadi Virtual Wine Tasting + Promotions

Click in to read what went on in our Bodegas Artadi Virtual Wine Tasting! And view a selected range of Bodegas Artadi wines on offer right now. Includes wines not featured in the tasting, such as the Vina El Pison, Cava Brut Vintage and more.

Chateau L'Evangile: One of Pomerol’s First Vineyards (Pre-Arrival)

Known as one of Pomerol’s most prestigious estates, L’Evangile is also one of the appellation’s first vineyards – dating back to the 18th Century. Apart from having the famed Michel Rolland as consultant winemaker, the excellent wines produced from the Chateau are largely due to the “exceptional terroir”.

Ex-Domaine Offer: Paul Jaboulet Aine Hermitage La Chapelle 1969 & 1973 (Magnum only)

By now we’re all familiar with Domaines Paul Jaboulet Aine and their reputation for producing some of the best Hermitage La Chapelles that rival Bordeaux first growths, time and time again. We’re pleased to offer two old vintages of Domaines Paul Jaboulet Aine’s Hermitage La Chapelle today, both in Magnum sizes: The 1969 and the 1973.

Montecampo: Traditional Italian Wines with a Contemporary Flair (Up to 25% off)

Promotion Period: Nov 09, 2020 - Nov 23, 2020

The Montecampo estate is located in the Veneto Region of Italy. They pride themselves on their traditional wines with a contemporary flair. Their wines represent some of the most characteristic wine regions in Italy and allow one to experience the uniqueness of Italian wines, with a strong link to tradition and territory. Montecampo utilises the Ripasso Method in winemaking.