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Offer: Inglenook

As of today, Inglenook encompasses 1700 contiguous acres, 235 acres of which are organically certified vineyards. The estate will continue to live out the rest of its history as one of the last remaining family-owned wine estates of this size in the famed appellation of Rutherford, Napa Valley.

Offer: Argentinian Wines rated 96-98 points

With its well-priced and consistently high-quality wines, Argentina has produced more than just Malbec. Geographically placed in high altitude and low humidity, Argentinian vineyards do not suffer from pests, mold and other diseases that plague vineyards in other countries- giving a rise to organic wines with little or no pesticides.

Offer: Size Matters | Spain + En Primeur Week 7 Releases

In today's Size Matters, we bring you large format Spanish wines Quinta Sardonia and Artadi.

Offer: Joseph Phelps + En Primeur Week 6 Releases

“When my dad began Joseph Phelps Vineyards in 1973 he did so with a very long term view and long term approach. He knew that in order to create the best wines possible he had to have tremendous dedication, attention to detail and passion.” – Bill Phelps

Offer: Wine Tasting | Anne Gros & Jean-Paul Tollot at Mezame + En Primeur Week 6 Releases

With over thirty years of combined wine-growing experience, Anne Gros and Jean-Paul Tollot have decided to form a domaine in the heart of a mountain range in the Minervois region. Wines from the domaine’s extensive collection are known to have a lively character and fruit-forward profiles.

The exclusive Wine Tasting will be held on 25th June 2022, 6:15pm at Mezame, a cosy wine bar located along 9 Penang Road.