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Total Acreage:

7 ha


Cabernet Franc, Merlot

Average Production:

1,500 cases

Ausone, 1er Grand Cru Classé A

"The Vauthier family have taken care of this vineyard with an unwavering passion for the soil since 1690. Here, everyone has purple-stained hands from working in the cellars. Alain and his elder daughter Pauline, of the eleventh wine growing generation, make the wine today, while remaining loyal to the spirit of their ancestors.

The majority of Ausone’s vines are Cabernet Franc with a smaller proportion of Merlot. They all reach an age of fifty years on average, while in some places they are a century old. The seasoned terroir has always benefitted from the attentive care of winegrowers. The estate can be quickly covered on foot, which makes it easier to look after. No detail escapes the vineyard crew, who keep a steady eye on the rows, while tasting the grapes. No pre-set calendar is applied, the fruit itself sets the pace and regulates everyone’s patience.

Beyond the vines themselves, the wider ecosystem is also taken into account. Hedges, fruit trees and aromatic plants are also grown as companions for the vines, stimulating a fertile exchange between species, backed up with natural applications of nettle, willow and valerian. A variety of wildlife is also preserved, including insects, birds and even bats, which all contribute in their own way to releasing the vital energy in the soil."

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Ausone, 1er Grand Cru Classé A
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