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Average Production:

200,000 bottles annually

Bernard Defaix

In the heart of Chablis, where tradition melds seamlessly with innovation, stands Domaine Bernard Defaix - a testament to wine-making brilliance and a legacy that spans four generations.

Established in 1959, the Domaine Bernard Defaix estate rapidly carved a niche for itself as one of Chablis’ premier wine producers. Beginning with the unmatched dedication of Bernard Defaix and later under the watchful eyes of his sons Sylvain and Didier, this estate has consistently pushed the boundaries of what Chablis wines can achieve.

Situated on the steep slopes of the left bank of the Serein River, their vineyards cover over 26 hectares, enjoying an exceptional terroir that defines the unique character of their wines. Their commitment extends beyond crafting outstanding Chablis; it’s about encapsulating the very soul of the region in every bottle.

The philosophy at Domaine Bernard Defaix is deep- ly anchored in environmental stewardship. Adopting sustainable practices, they ensure that each vine receives personal care and every grape is handpicked, allowing nature’s finest to shine through in its purest form. Through rigorous organic practices and minimal intervention, they strive to deliver wines that are genuine reflections of their origins and are also symbols of sustainable wine-making.

Strategic partnerships have played a pivotal role in their narrative. From renowned wine distributors around the world, their collaborations underscore the global allure of their offerings. It’s evident that the love and ardor they invest in their vintages resonate in each glass, breaking barriers.


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Bernard Defaix

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