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Total Acreage:

92 ha

Average Production:

Red wine: 180,000 bottles, White wine: 160,000 bottles


One of the most ancient winegrowing estates in Bordeaux, Château Carbonnieux has made wine without interruption since the 13th century. Build in an understated style, the château itself is an impressive building dating from the Middle Ages.

The first owners - and accomplished winegrowers - were the Benedictine monks of Sainte-Croix abbey in Bordeaux, who made internationally-renowed red and white wines centuries ago. They also succeeded in introducing their paleocoloured, crystalclear white wine to the palace of the Sultan of Constantinople by labelling it "Mineral Water of Carbonnieux" to get around the prohibition against alcoholic beverages...

Carbonnieux has belonged to the Perrin family for three generations. 

Located on the highest point in the commune of Léognan, on soil that is perfectly drained by a stream called L'Eau Blanche, Carbonnieux's terroir is espacially conducive to producing fine quality red and white wines.

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