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Western Australia


Margaret River

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In 2004, Berliner, an American biologist and his wife, Alison Jobson, purchased their land in Margaret River. When the intention to live simply became a decision to plunge headfirst into wine, Berliner adopted biodynamic principles and planted vines in his small vineyard- 0.2 hectares planted to Cabernet Sauvignon, 0.2 hectares to Chardonnay, and a mere 0.1 hectares to Malbec. In addition to dry fariming, Cloudburst prune and trellis by hand and do not employ machinery. Picking by hand prevents damage to the fruit while transporting small quantities at a time to the winery to insure freshness and viability. As Berliner says, “We work with nature, and offer only minimal interference with natural processes. Utilizing wild ferments and intervening as little as possible, we let the grapes fully express themselves as they transmute into wine."

Cloudburst is immensely known for making three wines, all single varieties: their signature Cabernet Sauvignon and Chardonnay and an outlier, Malbec. 

Cloudburst has attracted raving reviews, which isn't surprising since Berliner made this his philosophy, “My aim from the start was to make the most exceptional wine possible. It was never about scale, nor about money, and so Cloudburst is driven by very different considerations than my neighbors." 

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Margaret River
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