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Total Acreage:

30 ha

Average Production:

Desmirail, 3ème Cru Classé

A unique history
As is the case with many vineyards, Desmirail is named after one of its former owners. What is unusual about Desmirail is that the property does not bear the name of the original owner, Marguerite Rauzan du Ribail, but of her husband Jean-Baptiste Desmirail. Desmirail is also unusual in terms of its buildings that stand alongside the D2 (the famous Médoc châteaux route). In addition to an elegant 18th century charterhouse, visitors can admire a “Médocain” gravity-operated vat room (from the end of the 19th century), one of the few that has been very well preserved.

Sustainable winegrowing
Applying sustainable winegrowing principles, Desmirail has banned all chemical weed control and insecticides for decades. As a result of this commitment, the property has had High Environmental Value certification since the 2018 vintage. The soil is also ploughed (although not by their horse, Iris) and the vines are treated depending on the weather conditions and the threats of disease. In this way, the winery adapts to the challenges presented by each vintage.

Desmirail chooses to make a wine that takes advantage of the diversity of the Bordeaux grape varieties with Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Petit Verdot and recently Cabernet Franc, and that relies on the complexity of Cabernet Sauvignon and the roundness of Merlot. A wine that can be enjoyed both young, when the fruit is predominant, and after a few years of ageing, when it has gained complexity.

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Desmirail, 3ème Cru Classé

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