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Cote des Bars

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Wine Clique is the exclusive distributor of Champagne Devaux

Champagne Devaux is a boutique premium brand with a very limited production of only 700,000 bottles. Its vineyards are located in Cotes des Bar, sometimes referred to as the Aube. This region is prized for its excellent production of Pinot Noir and microclimate conditions, contributing to greater ripen-ing qualities, creating fuller styles with a richer cuvee while retaining acidity and freshness. This is a quality that Champagne Devaux excels in, and several other Champagne Houses can only seek for. The vineyards are planted almost exclusively with Pinot Noir grapes and only 7% of Chardonnay and 5% of Meunier, giving rise to yet another unique label - their Classic Blanc de Noir made from 100% Pinot Noir.

And if this isn’t enough, Devaux’s vineyards in Cotes des Bar is blessed with an excellent terroir. The soils were formed during the Kimmeridgean phase of the secondary era that is made up of calcareous marls, stony limestone elements, and tiny fossilized seashells, giving rise to great complexity and minerality in the wine. 

To further distinguish themselves, Champagne Devaux’s Collection range is aged a minimum of 5 years on lees, although the law requires only a minimum of 15 months for non-vintage and 3 years for a Vintage. Talk about an over-achiever! This additional period allows for more development of flavors such as nuances of baked bread, roasted nuts and a rounded silky texture that you will enjoy in a Devaux Collection's Champagne.

Champagne Devaux is not just about blending and dosage, it is about terroir, character, and finesse.

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