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Total Acreage:

18 acres


Pinot Meunier

Average Production:

Domaine Francis Orban

Orban Champagne House was established in 1929, and its founder, Léopold Orban, was the first in his town to have his own press. His adventurous spirit became a source of inspiration for future generations. Francis, who represents the fourth generation, is now in charge of the business.

The vineyards, covering 7.5 hectares and spread over 29 plots, are situated around the village of Leuvrigny, nestled in the heart of the Marne Valley. The south-southeast orientation of the vine rows offers optimal sun exposure, perfect for the Meunier variety, which accounts for over 90% of the area.

The soil, mainly composed of limestone and sandy formations with some clay layers, provides the champagnes with a delicate balance of richness and freshness. Francis is deeply passionate about Meunier and finds its expression ideal here, drawing freshness from the limestone and delicacy from the clayey subsoil. Chardonnay, which covers 9% of the area, grows on limestone soil and adds a unique radiance to the blends.

Early on, Francis adopted a sustainable viticulture approach that minimizes interference with nature and avoids the use of insecticides. The vine rows are plowed, and greenery is allowed to grow, encouraging the vines to use their natural pest control mechanisms. Reserve wines play a vital role in the cellar.

Francis Orban's Champagnes are lively and expressive, with a focus on stripping away anything superfluous. Always striving for the purest and most intense expression of the terroir, the winemaker seeks to create emotional connections with his customers through his wines.

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Domaine Francis Orban

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