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Barbaresco, Barolo

Total Acreage:

100 ha


Barbera, Nebbiolo



Average Production:


Wine has always been a family tradition for Gaja since the 17th century. Founded by Giovanni Gaja in Barbaresco in 1859, the winery has has passed through the fifth generation at present who are all the direct descendants of Giovanni. 

Each of the generation has a great influence and contribution to the success Gaja Winery has been receiving today. Angelo, the son of Giovanni and the second generation together with his wife Clotilde Rey initiated the highest standards for their wines. Their son, Giovanni (Third Generation) was credited for his efforts in widening the vineyards they own by acquiring quality vineyards such as  Costa Russi, Sori Tildin, Sori San Lorenzo and Darmagi. He was also an outstanding artisan who brought up and popularized the philosophy of bottling only the best vintages while selling the other in bulks. Angelo, a modernist who represents the fourth generation made a continuous search for innovation and put it in practices that resulted in changing winemaking techniques in Italy. But not all the practices brought by Angelo were always approved by his Father, Giovanni. One of that dissapproval is the use of new barriques and planting of French grapes where their Cabernet Sauvignon-based red, first released in 1985 is called "Darmagi"  means "what a pity" who was said to be Giovanni's reaction to the arrival of the Bordeaux varieties in their region.  He also brought Barbaresco to a high level all over the world and dubbed to be the "undisputed king of Barbaresco" and Italy's leading modernizer.

Though Gaja is more known for reds than white, 8% of their production is white with labels such as Vistamare (a blend of Vermentino and Viognier), Alteni di Brassica (a Sauvignon Blanc), Rossj Bass (a Chardonnay with 5 percent Sauvignon Blanc) and Gaia & Rey Chardonnay.

To date, Angelo daughters, Gaia and Rosanna has been running the show for Gaja. Starting with only 2 hectares during its founding in 1859, the winery now owns a total of 100 hectares excluding 27 ha in Montalcino and 120 ha in Bolgheri.

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