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Pinot Noir

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Jaeger Defaix Rully

Nestled in the heart of Burgundy, where age-old tradition meets contemporary mastery, stands the illustrious Domaine Jaeger Defaix Rully – epitomizing the ageless craft of winemaking.

The vineyards of Domaine Jaeger Defaix Rully are not just stretches of fertile land; they represent a family’s unwavering commitment and ardor. Spanning the renowned appellations of Burgundy, this domain narrates a story steeped in history and passion.

With its foundations in a rich lineage, the legacy of Do- maine Jaeger Defaix commenced with the merging of two family dynasties: the Jaegers and the Defaixs. Their collective expertise and foresight have sculpted the identity of Domaine Jaeger Defaix today – a beacon of wines that resonate with the spirit of Rully and the cadence of nature.

Through the epochs, the estate has devoutly upheld the principles of sustainable agriculture. With a philosophy centered on coexisting peacefully with nature, they venerate their vines and the ecosystem they flourish in. Their allegiance to organic farming safeguards not only the vitality of their vineyards but also promises wines of unparalleled purity and genuineness.

Marrying time-honored traditions with avant-garde approaches, their winemaking process emerges as an art form. The wines of Domaine Jaeger Defaix are a testament to their unyielding pursuit of excellence and their profound bond with the terrain. As they infuse passion into every vintage, wine enthusiasts are invited to discern the distinct personality, sophistication, and depth of Domaine Jaeger Defaix Rully creations. Embrace the tradition, the terrain, and the timeless allure of wine.

Available wines:
Jaeger Defaix Rully, 1er Cru, Cloux Blanc 2021
Jaeger Defaix Rully, 1er Cru, Clos du Chapitre Rouge 2021

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Jaeger Defaix Rully

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