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Loire Valley


Pouilly-Fume, Sancerre

Total Acreage:

30 hectares

Average Production:


Wine Clique is the appointed distributor of Domaine Laporte

The Domaine Laporte vineyard of 30 ha is located on the best flinty slopes of Sancerre and fully organically grown since 2013 (organic certified by Ecocert). 

The wines achieve a high level of purity with a subtle minerality, thanks to the terroir of Saint Satur and the precision in winemaking. The winery works with a selection of partners in 40 countries in the world sharing their vision, values and distribution targets: Domaine Laporte wines are dedicated to the trade market and fine wine boutiques with a premium positioning.

All the efforts made to grow the Laporte's Sancerre vineyards organically and to enhance the expression of the wines are bearing fruit and are establishing the fine reputation of Domaine Laporte. Indeed, in 2014, Laporte has been awarded in the top 100 wineries of the world by the Wine & Spirits Magazine.

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Wine Type Red White Rose Sweet Sparkling Fortified
Vintage Descriptions Country, Appellation Status Format Price
France, Pouilly-Fume
Available 750ml S$66.00 Buy

France, Sancerre
Available 750ml S$70.00 Buy

France, Sancerre
Available 750ml S$63.00 Buy

France, Pouilly-Fume
Available 750ml S$58.00 Buy