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Total Acreage:

87 ha

Average Production:

Luce della Vite


TENUTA LUCE is located among the rolling hills of the south-western side of Montalcino. Situated between 200 and 430 meters above the sea level, the estate consists on vineyards, olive groves and forests, surrounded by a wild nature rich in biodiversity. The fresh breeze coming from the woods, the excellent ventilation and the higher temperature change between night and day make the air of our land unique. The sun flooding the fields with its dazzling light led the founders to find naturally the name of the estate: LUCE.

LUCE Philosophy
Fostering harmony between the four elements. Immutable and eternal, these are the powerful forces of the nature at work on the Estate:

  • Fire (light, heat): The sun is vibrant/vital in Montalcino.
  • Earth (soil and organic matter): TENUTA LUCE boasts a great soil diversity.
  • Water: Particularly in the summer, in Montalcino rainfall is low, making water crucial.
  • Air (the wind): Ventilation is continuous in Montalcino, a guarantee of healthiness.

The men with their soul and passion are the fifth element who maintain harmony between the four. It is central to everything and at TENUTA LUCE we are committed to pursue balance and stability in our vineyards, working with the outmost attention for details and with the maximum care in all we do throughout the year, leading the roots of our vines to connect deeply with the land, sinking in the soil, keeping the mystery alive and fueling the magic of the terroir.

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Luce della Vite

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