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Total Acreage:

Approximately 14 ha


Pinot Noir

Average Production:

Meo Camuzet

Meo-Camuzet is one of the most notable wineries located in Vosne-Romanee, Burgundy. Currently being run by Jean-Nicolas, the son of Jean Meo who inherited the estate from his Auntie and grand uncle Maria Noirot and Etienne Camuzet. Jean Meo ran the estate from 1959 to 1984 with the help of this father Gaston and mother, Marcelle Lamarche Confuron. While he pursued his career in Paris, Jean relied on their tenant farmers including the great winemaker Henri Jayer, who was one of the first to control temperatures systematically during vinification. It was also under Jean Meo's management when the estate became Meo-Camuzet in 1981 with 1983 vintage being the first wines bottled under the name.

The latest generation managing the estate is Jean Meo who began to immerse in the estate in 1989 and was mentored by his father and Henri Jayer before retiring. Along with them, Christian Faurois, son and nephew of other historic tenants also inherited him the techniques and knowledge on vine growing.

At present, Meo-Camuzet is considered to be one of the most in-demand wines of Burgundy having an international recognitions from reputable sommeliers and wine drinkers alike.

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Meo Camuzet

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