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18 ha

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Started his career as a manufacturer of steel products, Sergio Manetti acquired Montevertine in Chianti Hills in 1967 to only have it as a vacation house. Alongside the restoration of the house, he used 2 hectares of the property by planting grapes and built its own cellar. The main purpose is only for his friends and customers consumption only. While he succeeded his first produced in 1971, Mr Manetiti decided to show his wines at Vinitaly in Verona through the Chamber of Commerce in Siena. From there the success was inevitable that he decided to concentrate and work full-time in his new found passion- winemaking. At present, the development of the winery that Sergio Manetti started has been in continuous progress starting from only 2 hectares to approximately 18 hectares today.

Sergio Manetti also stands firm on the importance and quality of Sangiovese as he doesn't believe on the adding of other complementary grapes on his reds to reach the 'international' wine standard. He remains Sangiovese purist and left the Chianti Classico Consortium in 1981 forgoing the Chianti Classico Denomination. His Le Pergole Torte is the first single vineyard- 100% Sangiovese ever made.

Currently the winery is being run by Martino Manetti, Sergio's son after he passed away in November 2000.

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